I Don’t Want To Be Touched By My Husband

uncomfortable period bloating
I received an email the other day and in the subject line, it said I don’t want to be touched by my husband. I naturally stopped for a second and then read the email’s subject line again; I don’t want to be touched by my husband.

Without even opening the email I began to think, how can I possibly help this woman? What kind of advice could I give to someone that I do not even know about their relationship troubles?

After I spent 15 minutes staring at the subject line imagining all sorts of what ifs and what not’s, I clicked the link, opened and then began to read the email.

Well as it turns out, my reply to her email was some of the best advice she was ever given.

I instantly knew and understood exactly what she was going through and you certainly do too, well maybe. A week and a half before mother nature brings us our special gift, she said that she gets so bloated that none of her clothes fit right.

She also said that because of the bloating, her skin felt stretched so having to wear the uncomfortable clothes just made matters worse.

Because of the week and a half of being uncomfortable and crabby although he has always been supportive, she said that she just didn’t want to be touched by her husband during this time of the month.

My advice is simple.

  • I did not tell her to take some water reducing pill.
  • I did not tell her that she needs to change her diet.
  • I did not tell her that it will all stop when she reaches a certain age either.

I told her what my mother told me, her mother told her and what I tell all of my friends.

Go to a clothing store on the day that you are most bloated.

  • Try on a pair of pants one size bigger than your normal size and buy them.
  • Try on a shirt that is one size bigger and if it fits, buy it.
  • Try on a bra that is one cup size bigger and if it fits, buy it.
  • Try on a pair of shoes a half to whole size bigger and if they fit, buy them.

Yes, that is only enough clothes for a day. The point is to try to be as comfortable as you can during a period of time that we can not seem to avoid.

I relied on my comfy sweat-pants once upon a time. What always seemed to happen though was I would have some appointment, dinner or party to attend and I would have to wear my regular uncomfortable clothes but not anymore.

What do you think?

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