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should you wash your hair after every workout

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair If You Workout

How often should you wash your hair if you workout? Should I wash my hair every day? What hairstyles are good for women who exercise daily? Does sweat damage my hair? With all the contradicting advice thrown at us about properly caring for our hair, it’s no wonder many of us are all clueless as […]

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can you wear braids for a year

How Long Should You Wear Braids

How long should you wear braids? Braids are a beautiful style for any woman trying to change her look up a bit. Besides wanting to know how long braids take to put in their hair, many women also wonder how long should you wear braids. With braids, women get to add a little variety to […]

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when should you remove hair weave

How Long Should You Keep A Hair Weave In

How long should you keep a hair weave in? Hair weaves offer convenience and versatility, which makes them the preferable option for a long-lasting new look. However, how long you should keep a hair weave in considering the cost of virgin and human hair weaves becomes a question as well as wanting to get your […]

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how often should you replace your hair brush

How Long Should You Keep A Hair Brush

How long should you keep a hair brush? You’ve finally found it: the perfect hairbrush for your styling needs. It does just what you need it to do with your style. You want to keep it and use it forever and ever. However, over time, things start to change. It’s not doing just what you […]

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getting rid of oily facial skin

How Often Should You Wash Your Face If You Have Oily Skin

How often should you wash your face if you have oily skin? Having oily skin has both benefits and drawbacks. As women, we are concerned about our complexion, and having oily skin can make us prone to shininess, acne, and blackheads. On the other hand, the natural oils present in our skin make our skin […]

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how long can you wear a face mask

How Long Should You Leave A Face Mask On

How long should you leave a face mask on? Using a facial mask can be relaxing and a way to take a moment to care for your skin. Although they cleanse the sensitive skin on your face it is important that you read all directions written on the packaging so you know how long you […]

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type of dye to use on your eyebrows

Can You Use Hair Dye On Your Eyebrows

Can you use hair dye on your eyebrows? When it comes to a quick and easy way to fill in the brows, hair dye is one of the best options there is. Dying your eyebrows is inexpensive, easy to do, and most importantly, mess-up friendly. Although you can use hair dye on your eyebrows there […]

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