How Long Should You Leave A Face Mask On

how long can you wear a face mask
How long should you leave a face mask on? Using a facial mask can be relaxing and a way to take a moment to care for your skin.

Although they cleanse the sensitive skin on your face it is important that you read all directions written on the packaging so you know how long you should leave a face mask on to avoid possible skin irritation.

Types of Facial Treatment Mask

Face masks generally come in three different varieties, all of which you can find at a local drug store, make-up shop or online at your favorite retailer.

The first type is the mud mask. These are made from a special type of clay or mud. They dry hard on the face after about fifteen minutes and usually include or contain essential oils or minerals that are good for the skin. They can be applied with your fingers or a clean make-up brush and removed gently with a damp cloth.

Another option is a sheet mask, which is a facial mask made from durable paper or thin fabric that is covered in a gel containing enzymes, plant extracts or other liquids. These make application of the mask and removal easy because they are put on and taken off all in one.

The last type is a peel off mask. These are similar to mud masks, but as they dry they form a thin layer that you can pull off or peel away from your face. Knowing how to apply them will help improve the results you are looking for.

Achieving You Skin Goals

Almost every face mask promises an individual result, but if you apply the face mask incorrectly or do not follow the directions, you may not achieve the desired effect.

Always start by washing the face thoroughly beforehand. Do not physically exfoliate the skin though, because that may end up causing irritation and tiny cuts.

Apply the mask after steaming your face or warming it in warm water, which will open the pores.

Wear the mask for as long as instructed to achieve the best results. By carefully doing all of this, you will greatly improve your chances of getting the radiant, glowy skin you are after.

Not Sure – Test It First

Some women struggle with irritation or frustration after using a face mask. They either do not get the results they wanted, break out even worse, or end up with red skin.

Some women also get lured into buying fancy and expensive products that do not work for their skin or do nothing at all. Understanding the ingredients and uses for a facial mask is crucial to looking and feeling great.

To reduce the chance of an allergic reaction or irritation, read the ingredients in each product you want to use. It is best to know what your allergies or sensitivities are.

You can also do a test of each mask on your forearm to see if they cause your skin to react. If you notice itching, pain, or burning with a face mask on, immediately rinse with cold water. Call your doctor or a dermatologist if these symptoms continue.

If you have acne or acne-prone skin, look up the ingredients on the facial mask that you choose to see if they help problem skin. It is wise to know what you are putting on your face in order to help avoid acne flare ups and skin irritation if you have very sensitive skin. After all, a face mask should enhance the beauty of your skin not take away from it.

By following all of the instructions and paying attention to your skin, a face mask can rejuvenate you and make you look and feel gorgeous.

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