Jenna Cartwright SmartHerYouHave you had problems with your hair dryer, curling or flat iron before? Some lucky woman out there has had her hair dryer for more than 20 years but the majority of us do not get that lucky.

I used to replace my curling iron, flat iron or hair dryer once every 8 to 10 months. The most annoying part about the situation is without a doubt that there was no notice.

Sure, getting some kind of notice is just me wishing and dreaming. Wouldn’t you like it if your curling iron sent you a text or email a week before it stopped working?

I know that I would like that but the fact is, you truly just don’t know when your hair dryer will quit working. You can luckily, learn to properly care for your hair tools. Something you are probably not doing correctly.

My name is Jenna Cartwright. Not that long ago, just the thought of styling my hair in the morning made me think of cutting it all off.

I constantly chickened-out but I really did have the scissors in my hand a few times.

One day I was thinking back, to middle school, high school and all of the time I spent rushing around at college. I was not thinking about the good times. I was thinking about all of the hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons that I used to own.

The total between the 3 is kind of embarrassing, 47.

How do I remember? There are no days that I want my curling iron to stop working but it always happened on the worst day possible.

  • The day that I slept in
  • The day when I have an appointment
  • The day when the humidity is super high
  • The day after a new hair cut
  • While on vacation
  • Before going out for the night

One or all of these situations probably happened to you too right?

I attended beauty school during my junior and senior years in high school. When I graduated, I decided instead of taking time off to go straight to college. I remember saying to myself that I just want to get it over with now. While attending college I took on many courses related to fashion, cosmetology, art and business. After graduation, I saved nearly all of the money I made while working for a privately owned salon for the next 2 years. I was able to build up enough clientele to be able to open my first hair salon. Four years later, I opened a second salon. I have come a long way since only dreaming of being what I do today as a little girl. Today I am the proud owner of 3 full service salons here in Northern Michigan.

The most important of all of the things that I learned while I was in school

  • Was Not – how to curl hair
  • Was Not – how to flat iron hair
  • Was Not – how to blow dry hair
  • Was Not – how to cut hair
  • Was Not – how to perm hair
  • Was Not – how to dye or color hair

The Most Important thing that I learned was in order to properly take care of your hair you need great hair tools. Even More Important, you have to truly take care of your hair tools.

Simply shoving your hair dryer into some basket or drawer after using it is not properly taking care of it. Many of the professional hair stylists at your salon cut your hair with scissors that cost $300 or more.

Have you ever seen your hair stylist throw her or his scissors into a drawer while you were there? Of course not.

Your hair stylist will either:

  1. Set the scissors down on a special cloth
  2. Some will put the scissors back in its protective case
  3. Nearly every stylist puts their scissors in their apron pocket

Yes, part of the reason is because the scissors are expensive. The main reason though is that your stylist wants to take care of the scissors so that they last as long as possible.

Your hair stylist, no matter where you live, does not want to spend that kind of money on scissors all of the time. Would you want to spend $300+ on new scissors every month? No, I don’t want to either. Your stylist like many even has the scissors sharpened when they start to get dull.

I am sure that you agree that trying to cut anything with a pair of dull scissors is aggravating.

Jenna Cartwright - AuthorEveryone that I can think of at one time or another owned a set of kitchen knives that came with scissors. Just like the company advertised, those scissors would cut through anything. After using them for a while though what happens? Right, they barely cut cleanly through a piece of paper.

Are you going to rush out to the store to spend a few hundred dollars on a new set of knives just to get some new scissors? No. Your hair stylist does not want to have to spend $300 on a new pair of scissors every week, month or year either.

Many people say that the more money that you pay for a hair dryer or curling iron the better results you will get when styling your hair.

In some cases, this may be true. The real truth of the matter is however how you take care of your blow dryer before and after you are done using it.

This is what this website is about. This important information is what I want to tell you all about.

How you take care of your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron is what determines how long it will last and how your hair looks when you finish styling it each day. The easy to care for tips that I share with you on this site will also

  • Help You – save money on hair tools
  • Help You – style your hair more easily
  • Help You – determine when to replace hair tools
  • Help You – properly clean and maintain your hair tools
  • Help You – avoid common dangers associated with hair tools
  • Help You – get the same great looking hair everyday that you have when you leave the salon, along with the compliments.

Ready to get started? Choose a hair tool topic from the menu above. Read through my advice and learn what the majority of women don’t know about hair styling tools.

  • Learn how to get fresh salon style looking hair every day.
  • Learn about the true difference between cheap dollar store hair tools and those with a starting price of $199.
  • Learn about what hair stylist really think about your hair.

I can’t believe I just wrote that last sentence, read it again. It is not all bad but some people do not like advice, even from a professional.

I am not here to tell you that you are styling your hair wrong or putting on your make-up wrong. I want you to easily add some of the tips that I share with you into your routine that will help you take care of the hair tools that already make you look great.


Jenna Cartwright

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