How often Should You Replace Your Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curler does not curl eyelashes
How often should you replace your eyelash curler? Many women ask this question because they have an eyelash curler that is not curling the lashes like it did when it was brand new.

Eyelash curlers are not meant to last a lifetime and as a rule, should be replaced or have its pads replaced at minimum once every 12 months.

The little pad on the curler that you place beneath your eyelashes wears down over time.

When this happens, instead of curling the eyelashes, the curler takes on the role of a dull pair of scissors. Below are a few more things that can also help you decide how often you should replace your eyelash curler.

The eyelashes are not just hair growing from your eyelid that you are supposed to lather with mascara. In fact, today many younger women choose not to wear mascara in favor of more natural looking make-up. Your eyelashes actually do the same job as nose hairs and all of the little hairs that grow inside of your ear.

Your eyelashes are there to block flying debris like dirt and dust from getting into your eyes. Like all hair on your body, the eyelashes also have little bugs called mites that live on them. The mites feed on various substances that are secreted from the eyes.

Normally the number of these mites is minimal however; failure to properly clean your face can cause a few hundred mites to multiply into millions. Your eyelids may turn red and get puffy. They can cause flaky skin as well as cause your eyelashes to fall out.

The eyelash curler that you have been using most likely has these mites all over it as well. Most women use their eyelash curler for years and never sanitize or wash the thick mascara and eye shadow that is caked on it off.

I am sure that if you did not stop reading, you are probably kind of weirded out right now after reading those last three paragraphs. I am sorry. I don’t care for the thought of bugs on my eyelids either.

Unless it is tattooed on, removing your make-up at the end of each day is just as important as washing the rest of your body.

Clean makeup off eyelash curler

Eyelash curlers are not expensive to replace. If you have an eyelash curler that you do not want to get rid of, at least clean it. Beauty stores even sell the little rubber pads for your eyelash curler if you need new curler pads.

You can extend the life of your eyelash curler by cleaning it regularly. Always remove old mascara before you put on new mascara.

Additionally you should never under any circumstances, use someone else’s eyelash curler because there is a possibility that their mites can transfer to your eyelashes.

    • While cleaning your eyelash curler do not use any tools that could knick the metal of the curler or your next curl could chop off your eyelashes.


    • You can use a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the curler. Be sure to rinse the eyelash curler under cold water and properly dry it.


  • You could place the eyelash curler into a pot of boiling water and allow it to boil in the water until all of the makeup melts off of it. Be sure to allow the water to cool before you remove the eyelash curler.

You could also use a pair of tongs to remove them from the hot water. Before touching them, place them in the sink and run cold water over them.

Do you have an old toothbrush available? Use it along with some mild soap or shampoo to gently scrub your eyelash curler until it is clean. Be sure that you properly rinse away all of the soap on the eyelash curler and dry them before using them.

    • This information is not meant to gross you out in any way.


    • It is meant to educate you about taking care of your eyelash curler.


  • It is also meant to inform you about how often you should replace your eyelash curler.

Many women have a habit of just throwing their curler back into their makeup bag until it is needed again. If you do not use dirty silverware to eat your food then it only makes sense not to use a dirty eyelash curler.

I know, I wish someone would have told me too that trying to look your best was a task. It just makes me thankful for my lazy days even though I still think about putting on my make-up anyway.

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