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should you wash your hair after every workout

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair If You Workout

How often should you wash your hair if you workout? Should I wash my hair every day? What hairstyles are good for women who exercise daily? Does sweat damage my hair? With all the contradicting advice thrown at us about properly caring for our hair, it’s no wonder many of us are all clueless as […]

can you wear braids for a year

How Long Should You Wear Braids

How long should you wear braids? Braids are a beautiful style for any woman trying to change her look up a bit. Besides wanting to know how long braids take to put in their hair, many women also wonder how long should you wear braids. With braids, women get to add a little variety to […]

when should you remove hair weave

How Long Should You Keep A Hair Weave In

How long should you keep a hair weave in? Hair weaves offer convenience and versatility, which makes them the preferable option for a long-lasting new look. However, how long you should keep a hair weave in considering the cost of virgin and human hair weaves becomes a question as well as wanting to get your […]

Washing hair tips for bad dandruff

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair If You Have Dandruff

How often should you wash your hair if you have dandruff? Hair dandruff can be an embarrassing issue that can cause problems with your self-esteem or social life. The unsightly flaking and shedding can also make your hair look dull, oily, and unkempt. The average person has probably dealt with a mild form of dandruff […]

Blow dryer always shuts off

How often Should You Replace Your Hair Dryer

How often should you replace your hair dryer? The need to replace your hair dryer does not necessarily have to do with how long you have it. Some hair dryers can last for years, yet others may go kaput after a few short months of use. Most women and men that use hair dryers don’t […]

Flat iron burning hair smell

How Often Should You Replace Your Flat Iron

How often should you replace your flat iron? Replacing your flat iron should be done on a more regular basis than you think. The iron is affected by how often you use it, whether your hair is wet or dry, even dyed or colored hair can affect your flat iron’s performance. All of the above […]

Curling iron having problems

How Often Should You Replace Your Curling Iron

How often should you replace your curling iron? If you curl your hair daily then you would agree that your curling iron is a top 3 must have beauty accessory. Despite the satisfaction they bring on good hair days if you happen to have a really good curling iron that you have had more than […]