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how often should you wash your bra

How Long Should You Wear A Bra Before Washing It

How long should you wear a bra before washing it? There is no better feeling than a bra that fits exactly as it was meant to fit. Especially when it cups and lifts where it is meant to cup and lift. It somehow sparkles and shines and is perfectly made from material that makes our […]

how often should you replace your hair brush

How Long Should You Keep A Hair Brush

How long should you keep a hair brush? You’ve finally found it: the perfect hairbrush for your styling needs. It does just what you need it to do with your style. You want to keep it and use it forever and ever. However, over time, things start to change. It’s not doing just what you […]

facial hair removal cream

Can You Use Hair Removal Cream On Your Face

Can you use hair removal cream on your face? Hair removal cream is another name for depilatory creams that remove unwanted body hair without the need for shaving, waxing, or epilating. Many women wonder if you can use hair removal cream on your face because many of us use it on our legs as well […]

type of dye to use on your eyebrows

Can You Use Hair Dye On Your Eyebrows

Can you use hair dye on your eyebrows? When it comes to a quick and easy way to fill in the brows, hair dye is one of the best options there is. Dying your eyebrows is inexpensive, easy to do, and most importantly, mess-up friendly. Although you can use hair dye on your eyebrows there […]

butt enhancing underwear

A Uniquely Cheeky Dilemma

You can always tell when something is really popular because you see it everywhere. If you take a look around any store or mall at the women you pass, you will see that 7 out of 10 women have them now. What am I thinking of? No, I am not talking about a purse, a […]

Smoke detector battery use

How often Should You Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

How often should you change your smoke detector batteries? Out of all of the appliances in your home, the smoke detector happens to be one of the most ignored, when it comes to keeping up on its maintenance. In fact, unless you have a smoke detector right outside of your bathroom or you haven’t fully […]

Avoid shaving knicks

How often Should You Change Your Razor Head

How often should you change your razor head? Many people will agree to only disagree because everyone has their own idea but it really boils down to there being two types of shavers. What I mean by this is one person is in a hurry and the other is not. Sure, you may have never […]