How often Should You Change Your Razor Head

Avoid shaving knicksHow often should you change your razor head? Many people will agree to only disagree because everyone has their own idea but it really boils down to there being two types of shavers.

What I mean by this is one person is in a hurry and the other is not. Sure, you may have never thought of the situation like this but it will make sense after I explain it to you in a moment. You could make a single razor head last beyond 10 shaves if you use it properly.

So how often should you change your razor head? If shaving takes you less than 3 minutes to do, you are rushing through the process and should replace your razor after 5 uses.

    • Shaving is not like raking the grass. It is much like painting a picture but instead of a brush, you are dragging a razor across your skin.


    • Razor bumps and cuts are caused from rushing as well as dull razors.


  • However, the real problem has to do with the hair. It is not that your leg or underarm hair is course, it is the fact that the hair is not soften before you try to shave.

Lathering on some shaving gel or foam before you shave is not good enough either because neither softens the hair quickly.

Have you ever watched an old cowboy movie? Well nearly every one of them have a scene in the barber shop with a guy getting a fresh shave before a stand-off at high noon.

The barber has a routine that he does before he starts to shave the guy. He always places a warm water soaked towel around the area on the guy’s face where he’ll be shaving. The barber removes the towel and then lathers shaving foam on the guys face and then he starts to shave.

When the facial or leg hair is soften prior to shaving it is easier for the razor to cut. This extends the life of your razor, eliminates cuts if you take your time and reduces razor bumps.

When the hair is not soft, you have to apply more pressure while shaving. It is the reason why you have to keep going over the same area too, even with a brand new razor.

How many shaves from a razor

If you are shaving your face, soak a hand towel in warm water. Ring out the excess water, sit with the towel around your chin and neck area for 15 minutes before you shave. Always use shaving foam or gel to shave of course.

    • If you are shaving your legs, chest, arms or any other parts of your body, you should take a nice warm shower before shaving.


    • Wash everything else and save shaving for the last thing that you do.


  • The 15 minute rule still applies for the shower. The hair still needs to be exposed to very warm water.

Just to be clear, the water does not have to be scolding hot but it does have to be more than luke warm. This method works with all shaving razors even the disposables however, junk razors are what they are, junk.

We all want as close a shave as possible. Extremely close shaves for those of us that have sensitive skin or problems with hair bumps is often an issue.

    • A great technique to use that will definitely help with either issue is to simply let your razor glide across your skin while shaving. Do not push down on the razor head very hard at all.


    • The point is to avoid cutting the hair below the skin line. By not pressing down on your razor head while shaving, the hair is cut at skin level.


  • This helps to prevent the hair from curling under the skin, which causes hair bumps.

Good razors often get pricey especially the refill razor heads. Use what works for you but you should also understand that razors are made from different metals. The type of razor you are using as well may cause your skin’s sensitivity.

I hope that the tips that I have shared with you today on how often you should change your razor head will help you to get full use of each razor head you buy from now on.

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