How Often Should You Replace Your Curling Iron

Curling iron having problems
How often should you replace your curling iron? If you curl your hair daily then you would agree that your curling iron is a top 3 must have beauty accessory.

Despite the satisfaction they bring on good hair days if you happen to have a really good curling iron that you have had more than 3 years, you should have purchased two.

Curling irons take a beating. They are dropped all of the time. I still occasionally knock my curling iron off the vanity in the bathroom.

I’ve had to replace the springs in a few of my old curling irons. It is easy to do but I want to talk more about how often you should replace your curling iron.

Dropping your iron may break the spring but dropping it can also cause internal damage. A curling iron that when turned on, automatically shuts it self off within a minute may have internal damage if it has been dropped.

All electronics, appliances and beauty tools wear down over time from repeated use. Phone buttons have to be pressed harder, old refrigerators raise your electric bill and curling irons stop heating up like they used too.

Any reputable hair stylist will tell you, thick or thin hair, you should not have to have your hair wrapped on your curling iron for more than 5 seconds.

Women that have thick course hair should use a higher heat setting than women with thinner hair. You still should not have to spend more than 5 seconds on each section of hair.

Every curling iron has a max setting that you should not have to use. If you have to use your curling iron on its highest setting, you should think about getting a replacement.

I know simply saying that you should run out and purchase a new curling iron does not provide you with much direction. Different stores and beauty supply stores carry different curling irons so it does not really help to direct you to a certain store either.

The one good thing that we all have available to us today is the internet. Physical stores do not attach customer reviews to every curling iron box that they have on their shelves.

This is why I tell my friends as well as clients to Read Reviews online for the curling iron that you want to buy. You do not have to accept what the store clerk thinks you will like anymore because of the internet.

The little joke that I made about having a good curling iron and that you should have purchased two of them is funny but very true.

In order to stay up on the latest trends in the beauty industry curling iron manufacturers constantly discontinue old models to make way for their newer curling irons.

My point is, you may be able to find a new version of your old curling iron but the odds are not in your favor if it is more than 3 years old.

Curling iron does not hold curls

If you are stuck on that old curling iron and you want to make it last as long as possible, here are some things that you can do.

    • Clean your curling iron regularly. Do not let hairspray and other products build up on your curling iron.


    • Clean your curling iron while it is cool and unplugged with a cotton pad that has a bit of rubbing alcohol on it.


    • If this does not get the curling iron clean, use a 70% to 30% mixture of baking soda and water. The mixture should have the same consistency as toothpaste. Do not pour it on the curling iron. Use a cloth to apply the mixture while gently scrubbing the curling iron. A soft bristled toothbrush can also be used to apply the soda and water mixture as well.


    • Never place your curling iron under running water. After you have cleaned it, dampen a clean cloth with water and use it to remove any remaining residue.


    • It may seem impossible but do your best to avoid dropping your curling iron.


    • Do not let your curling iron’s cord get twisted and knotted up. This can cause shorts along the wire which increase the likelihood of a fire starting.


    • When you are done using the curling iron, gather its cord up neatly. Use a hair tie or big hair clip to hold the cord. Do not twist or spiral the cord around the curling iron, this causes shorts.


I hope that I have helped you learn more about taking care of as well as how to determine how often you should replace your curling iron. At the end of the day, it is not about how long you have had the curling iron; it’s about how affective it still is for your hair.

A bad curling iron can fry, burn and even cause your hair to break off just like those bad dye jobs and perms that you always hear about.

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