How Often Should You Wash Your Hair If You Workout

should you wash your hair after every workout
How often should you wash your hair if you workout? Should I wash my hair every day? What hairstyles are good for women who exercise daily? Does sweat damage my hair?

With all the contradicting advice thrown at us about properly caring for our hair, it’s no wonder many of us are all clueless as to which rules to follow and when.

We have so many questions, and having them answered only seems to lead to more questions. To determine how often should you wash your hair if you workout let’s turn to the experts and find out once and for all the pros and cons of washing your hair after working out.


When you work out you get sweaty, naturally, and so does your hair. No one wants to leave the gym or head back to the office with dirty matted down hair from a good cardio workout.

Washing your hair after a workout eliminates that issue entirely. Feeling reinvigorated after a heavy workout with fresh smelling clean hair gives you that lift to carry you through the rest of the day. After all, that’s why most of us wash our hair after working out.

Washing your hair after working out seems like the obvious choice, but not so fast. What about the cautionary tale to not shampoo daily?


Sweat has a host of oils and salt in it that wreak havoc on our hair. Dead skin from our scalps combined with the thick mixture of oil and salt in our sweat clogs the skin on our scalp. Not to mention the less than friendly odor that will follow you back to the office.

As you may have guessed, washing your hair daily does strip hair of essential oils that it requires to maintain it’s luxurious strength. Shampooing daily can severely dry out your hair and scalp as well.

Time is also a factor to consider in the list of pros and cons when considering washing your hair after each workout. We live busy lives, squeezing in all that we must into short 24 hour chunks.

Finding time for a healthy workout can be stressful enough, then to add in time for a complete shower routine as well. The clock is against us on this one ladies.

Solution: Dealing with Sweaty Hair

While we recommend not shampooing daily, that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with sweat streaked hair. We’re here to help with a few simple tips to maintain that healthy clean shine and still get in your daily dose of exercise.

Dry shampoo is a must-have for your gym bag. Spray modestly through your hair, tousle your fingers through, and walk out those gym doors confidently.

You could use a blow dryer to gently dry your hair as you work your fingers through it if your hair gets drenched with sweat after working out.

It may take a little bit more time but you could simply rinse your hair, just no shampoo.

When all else fails, the very best solution is to get up early enough in the morning so that you are able to workout and then shower afterwards. This doesn’t mean that you should shampoo every morning unless you absolutely have too, this suggestion just eliminates you having to deal with sweaty hair in the middle of your day.

With these tips, you can keep your hair looking sensationally healthy!

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