How Long Should You Wear A Bra Before Washing It

how often should you wash your bra
How long should you wear a bra before washing it? There is no better feeling than a bra that fits exactly as it was meant to fit. Especially when it cups and lifts where it is meant to cup and lift. It somehow sparkles and shines and is perfectly made from material that makes our skin appear softer and our eyes appear brighter.

Bras support much more than a piece of a women’s anatomy, they support the very essence of a woman herself. Why is it then that so few women know how to properly wash and care for their bras?

How Long Should You Wear A Bra Before Washing It

Washing a bra with your regular old laundry, in a regular old washing cycle, will quickly deteriorate the fabric leading to color fading and material separation.

The heat of washing and drying machines destroy the elasticity within your bra. Before you know it that brand new bra is worn and faded, never to properly support again.

Properly washing a bra and bra care takes far less time than you may think. With three simple tips to remember, washing a bra and proper bra care will quickly seem like an age old habit.

Hands On – Machine Off

    Skip the machine and hand wash those bras.

  • Using a dab of soap, lightly scrub away any stains.
  • Next, soak your bras in a small tub of warm water for a few minutes while you gently work the suds into a lather.
  • Rinse and then gently squeeze excess water from your bra.
  • Lay the bra flat on a towel to air dry overnight.
  • Avoid the dryer, as heat damages the elastic and spandex causing the bra to fall apart sooner than intended.

If you absolutely must use a washing machine, use a lingerie bag. Mesh lingerie bags protect your bras from the brutal elements of your washing machine. Ensure that all clasps are hooked to prevent catching. Also, wash on the gentlest cycle available in cold water only. Again, avoid drying bras in your dryer, opting to lay them flat on a towel to air dry instead, but if you must use a dryer select the lowest dryer setting available.

Proper storage also goes a long way in prolonging the life of your bras. Place bras flat, cups facing up, in your drawer.

Stack your bras, cups inside of each other, to better hold their shape. Never fold your bras in half and then store them. Organize bras according to color so that you can always find that perfect bra if you like to coordinate with your clothing.

In our fast paced society time is invaluable. Don’t shortchange yourself into believing the myth that proper bra washing and care takes too long. Hand wash. Use a lingerie bag. Towel dry. Stack don’t fold. It’s as easy as that. With the right care, your bras will graciously support you throughout your day for years!

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