How Long Should You Keep A Hair Brush

how often should you replace your hair brush
How long should you keep a hair brush? You’ve finally found it: the perfect hairbrush for your styling needs. It does just what you need it to do with your style. You want to keep it and use it forever and ever.

However, over time, things start to change. It’s not doing just what you need it to do anymore and you may be noticing more hair in the brush than usual. Today I want to talk about how long should you keep a hair brush and what went wrong with your favorite brush?

Hair Brush Wear and Tear

Like anything else, hairbrushes wear out and need to be replaced. To make sure you always get what you want with your hair, it’s important to notice signs of hairbrush wear. Seeing the signs before it wears out means you can replace it in time before its performance is affected too severely.

How often should you replace your hairbrush, and what signs of wear and tear should you look for? As far as a timeline, it’s best to replace your hairbrush about every six months. This accounts for normal wear and tear and also takes into account hygiene concerns.

Hairbrushes with split, melted, or broken bristles should be discarded immediately. This type of hairbrush wear can cause severe damage to your hair. Broken or split bristles can damage the scalp or even rip hair from the scalp. It can also cause hair to break and split farther down the shaft of the hair. Bristles that are curled or missing also indicate that it’s time to purchase another hairbrush.

Extending Your Hair Brush’s Life

There are ways you can extend the life of your hairbrush. To keep your brush clean, remove excess hair from it after every use, and try to clean it at least once a week.

When cleaning it, do not submerge the brush in water, barbasol, or other cleaning solutions. There are cleaning brushes that can be purchased to keep your hairbrush clean, as well as sparing use of shampoo.

Be sure to dry your brush if it becomes wet with the bristles facing down so that all of the liquid can drain properly.

To prevent excessive wear on your brush, be especially careful when using it with heated tools. Never apply heat directly to your hairbrush. It will inevitably be exposed to heat when you are styling your hair with a hairdryer, but do your best to avoid prolonged, direct exposure to heat. Also, be sure to keep your hairbrush out of harm’s way when using curling irons and straightening tools.

Hair brushes over time will begin to have a build-up of product on their bristles if you use creams or holding sprays in your hair often. This causes the hair brush to be ineffective over time as well and these brushes that you have should be replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent damage to your hair.

If you are delighted with a certain type of hairbrush, it would be wise to note the style and manufacturer, as well as where you purchased the brush for future reference. If you want to save yourself some time and hassle, once you’ve settled on the best hairbrush for you, pick up several of the same kind so that you are stocked up for the future.

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