A Uniquely Cheeky Dilemma

butt enhancing underwear
You can always tell when something is really popular because you see it everywhere. If you take a look around any store or mall at the women you pass, you will see that 7 out of 10 women have them now.

What am I thinking of? No, I am not talking about a purse, a particular phone or the stretch pants-yoga pants that are back in style again.

I know from personal experience but it is also factual that women with this, used to be called fat. Parents have come up with nice things to say such as you have your grandma’s shape or you’re just big-boned.

Clearly, I am talking about the fact that it is now fine, even appreciated, to have a butt that does not look like a toy doll’s bottom.

I’m one of those women who happened to have gotten her grandma’s shape so I am just fine in the curvy bottom department. If you would like to have a bigger butt though, I have done the research for you to save you some time.

Here are the top 5 ways to make your butt look bigger.

Butt Enhancing Underwear: These types of panties come in two main styles. One of the types of butt enhancing underwear uses soft foam or gel filled inserts. The inserts are available in different thicknesses.

Rather than being discovered with your new fake bottom, you should work your way up to the buttock size that you want in the end. Yes, you may want to jump to the thickest butt pads available.

If you plan to wear them often, beyond that magical night on the town, build the excitement. This way you are able to make it seem like your bottom is becoming more shapely rather than a flat today two volleyballs in your pants tomorrow situation.

Cut-Out Butt Enhancing Underwear: These panties are a very popular choice for women wanting to raise their buttocks and keep a natural feel to them when touched.

I know that I said panties but they are more of a mix between boyshorts and a thong. On the back of the panties, there is a large hole on the left and the right sides.

The holes are meant to allow each buttock to protrude from the underwear. When worn correctly, these type of butt enhancing underwear raise your buttocks as well as makes them look round.

The two enhancing methods that I have spoken about so far do not involve any type of surgery. You can go back to normal at any moment that you choose. No, I am not a doctor and I do not plan to try to tell you not to do whatever you want to do.

With that out of the way, if you came to my site and are reading this, we are friends. You are not a web-surfer or some random word like visitor. As a friend, if you plan to have surgery to enhance the appearance of your butt, be sure to choose a top of the line plastic surgeon.

Silicone Butt Implants (Gluteal Implants): Silicone is made from Silicon, which is a shiny gray crystal like rock. Scientist and chemist ground the rock up into a powdery form like flour, mixed it with other materials and came up with a new product called Silicone more than 70 years ago.

butt lifting plastic surgerySilicone should not be injected directly into your body uncontained. Hydrogel, caulk, mineral oil, motor oil and fix a flat are at the center of many of the horror stories you have read about.

Reputable plastic surgeons do not have people hand out fliers for butt lift parties. Sorry, the offer may be a super savings compared to regular procedure cost but the docs probably aren’t real doctors or once were and have lost their license.

Silicone butt implants are put in pretty much the same way as breast implants. Just like breast implants, after actually talking with some ladies who have Gluteal implants, you can feel them move, especially when you walk and standup after sitting.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks: This is still a surgical procedure. Your plastic surgeon uses a liposuction machine to suck up fat in areas such as the arms, stomach, back or legs. The fat is then separated from the blood, put into syringes and is re-injected into each buttock.

The video below is for educational purposes.

Harvard trained; Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Kenneth Hughes, MD appears in the video and talks you through a fat transfer to buttocks procedure as he performs it.

I didn’t know what to expect the first time that I watched the video either but as it turns out, the video is truly educational from start to finish.

What Exercises Lift Your Buttocks: You can easily purchase one of the many buttock muscle building videos that you see on television today. You could also hire a personal trainer that solely focuses on helping their clients build better bottoms.

exercises that help get your butt bigger

Exercises such as deep squats, will help to build up your buttock muscles. The use of elliptical and stair climbing machines also build up buttock muscles rather quickly as well.

Sure, this is a natural way to get a butt lift without foam inserts, special underwear, implants or fat transfers.

You must continue to exercise the buttock muscles regularly though or your butt will return to what it looked like before. The same thing happens to professional bodybuilders when they stop working out.

As I said at the beginning of this conversation, I have my fare share but if I was looking to increase the size of my butt, I would try out the foam inserts first to see what I am comfortable with.

I am just being honest when I say that I do not have the time or dedication required to build a new butt at the gym. Therefore, my personal choice would be the fat transfer to buttocks procedure.

The fat transfer procedure sounds more appealing than having Gluteal implants plus the liposuction on my problem areas sounds good to me. I’d rather have my extra body fat exactly where I want it, not on my sides, arms or stomach.

What do you think?

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